Please read the all terms of the privacy policy when you'd like to start booking a room via this website. If you are unable to agree the following terms, please do not save or use this web-system.

Personal Data collection

This web-system may request you to fill out your personal data on the web-form and transmit to the Wise Tech web-system of online booking, when you start to book a room.

Transit your personal data to the Wise Tech web-system of online booking, means you comprehend and agree we transmit, save and process your personal information. These procedures are for understanding the usage condition of each customer, and make us to bring more convenience service.

For instance, when you choose this web-system of online booking, the related information of your personal data would be use on the register of authorization, up grading discount, or any promotion that suitable for the legal registered customer. HotTaiwan online booking center would also periodic inform all members the latest news of promotion and other information of HotTaiwan online booking center

The Wise Tech web-system of online booking understands the importance of member's personal data, and carefully conserve also responsible for the usage of these information. If you don't like to receive the related information of promotions, please inform this web-system, and we would respect your decision.

The customer individual material by the password protection, prevents the other people without authorization to save and use. This password and serves with encryption processing again. We strongly advise our member may not reveal you individual password.

Special Statement

The Wise Tech web-system of online booking possibly to be able to contain other websites linking, but we are certainly not responsible for these websites content or the privacy policy, based on their privacy policy may different to ours. We advise you to read the privacy statement of these linked websites.